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Jan. 8th, 2011

Merlin - Morgana


(no subject)

Many apologies for not dealing with the pornbot that spammed this community earlier today - unfortunately, I was asleep at the time. Settings for the community have been changed to moderated posting, so this will not happen again.

Apr. 22nd, 2009



And here's the masterlist! We had a total of 28 fics submitted, spanning all of Doctor Who canon. The easiest way to navigate is through the tags system. Everything is tagged by characters, era, and rating. Thank you to all the authors, beta readers, and commenters - you guys are absolutely amazing.

Feel free to repost your fic under your name - we'll be going through and editing names in, but it may take a few days. If you're on Dreamwidth, I would encourage you to crosspost your fic to the sadly empty dwfiction community.

Let me know if there are any errors in the above list.

Apr. 21st, 2009


The Slow Path (Adam Mitchell)

And here's our last fic for this year's tardis_gen ficathon! The masterlist will be up tomorrow. Thank you all for participating!

Title: The Slow Path
Author: such_heights
Recipient: lorannah
Characters: Adam Mitchell
Rating: PG-13
Summary: He had instructions from the Doctor, but Adam's never been good at following orders.
Notes: A quick canon refresher: Adam comes from the year 2012. This story handwaves the fact that 'Dalek' does therefore absolutely not fit into the timeline just as much as the show does. Many thanks to avendya both for organising this exchange and for the lightning-fast beta! lorannah, I hope you enjoy this, it was a lot of fun to write.

Adam Mitchell has always been a fast talker, a blagger, and an accomplished liar.Collapse )


Lament (Romana III, Sarah Jane Smith)

persiflage_1's requests are evidently very popular: her pinch hitter chose to write two of her requests.

Title: Lament
Author: rodlox
Recipient: persiflage_1
Characters: Romana III, Sarah Jane Smith; mention of the Doctor and the Meddling Monk.
Rating/Category: PG-13
Spoilers: Rose or Dalek, School Reunion.
Summary: Sarah Jane Smith and the last of the Time Lords - Romanadvoratrelundar.
Prompt: Sarah Jane meets Romana II. If you want to write an AU wherein the Doctor isn't the last of the Time Lords, so Older!SJS can meet Romana

Read more...Collapse )


Brief Encounters (Mickey Smith, Jack Harkness)

This is another bonus fic, where both a pinch hitter and the original writer completed the request. This is also our second-to-last fic for this year's tardis_gen - the last fic should be up later today, and the masterlist tomorrow.

Title: Brief Encounters
Author: iambickilometer
Recipient: doyle_sb4
Rating: PG
Character(s): Mickey, Jack, various extras
Warnings: Quite possibly crazy OOC.
Summary: Mickey has an adventure, and there are dolphins. Sort of.

Mickey lands on his feet.Collapse )

Apr. 20th, 2009


Reciprocal Quandaries (Two, Ben, Polly, Jamie)

Title: Reciprocal Quandaries
Author: primsong
Recipient: wishfulaces
Characters: Two, Ben, Polly, Jamie
Rating: G
Summary: This story is to fill Request Number 1 from wishfulaces: "Two, Ben, Polly and Jamie if you feel like it - light-hearted adventure! Daring escapades! Silly hats! Etc. etc. etc."
Notes: This is what some might call a 'straight-up historical', for in spite of Two's era being dubbed 'The Monster Years' this one features a bit of intrigue at the 1900 Paris Exposition in which monsters are noted only by their absence. Having run into difficulties with writing-time I offer this first chapter, the rest still being in process.

'So, what do you think?Collapse )


Heartland (Jabe, Sergeant Benton, Jo Grant)

Title: Heartland
Author: livii
Recipient: doyle_sb4
Rating: G
Characters: Jabe, Sergeant Benton, Jo Grant
Summary: Jo and the Sergeant tell her stories of their favourite trees: the ones they climbed in as children, the ones with sweet apples and sour plums that stained their fingers.
Notes: pinch-hit for doyle_sb4, who asked to see 70s UNIT encounter some element of new school canon. It ended up a bit the other way around. Thanks to stunt_muppet for beta reading! ~1,000 words.

Jabe has never been like the others.Collapse )

Apr. 19th, 2009


On The Horizon (Brannigan, Valerie)

Title: On The Horizon
Author: fly_to_dawn
Recipient: iambickilometer
Rating: PG
Character(s): Brannigan, Valerie, various
Warnings (if any): Spoilers for Gridlock.
Summary: Snippets from a certain Thomas Kincade Brannigan's life after Gridlock.

'Good Lord,' exclaimed Brannigan as he stepped into the senate, holding the Doctor's coat.Collapse )


The Meeting (Martha Jones, Jack Harkness, Nine)

We actually got more than one submission for this prompt, so here's a bonus fic.

Title: The Meeting
Author: stoplookingup
Recipient: persiflage_1
Rating: G
Character(s): Martha, Jack, Nine
Warnings (if any): Mild spoiler for Rose.
Summary: Martha discovers she has an appointment with the Doctor that she can't afford to miss.
Notes: Written all in a day as a pinch-hit. I hope it suits.

It was far too late on a Friday evening to be sitting behind a desk reviewing medical files, but it was the kind of thing Martha Jones did a lot these days.Collapse )

Apr. 17th, 2009


Pinch Hit #4

You do not need to have participated in the ficathon to write a pinch hit, and the minimum word count drops to 750 words.

Please comment with your email if you're able to write this prompt. Comments are screened, but unless the prompt has a strikethrough (like this) it has not yet been claimed.

01. Mickey having a fun adventure. Any time in canon, any other characters (new or old school), so long as there's minimal angst.

02. 70s UNIT (Jo, Benton and/or the Brig especially loved) encounter some element of new school canon; whether that's Torchwood, the Slitheen, a giant Cyberking in the Thames or anything else is up to the author.

03. Jackson and Rosita, post-The Next doctor, encounter another Doctor or companion(s).

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